• Viviscal Densifier Conditioner

    It provides ultra-light hydration to your hair to make it look healthier and shiny.


    - Intensively hydrates.  - It provides more density.
    - Exclusive component. - It cares for the scalp.
  • Viviscal Elixir Growth Densifier

    The Viviscal Elixir Growth Densifier nourishes and strengthens your hair from the scalp for a healthier look.


    - Contains natural ingredients.  - Softer hair.
    - Does not leave hair oily.  - 50 ml.
  • Viviscal Fortifying Men's Shampoo

    Viviscal Fortifying Shampoo for Men takes care of your hair and leaves it with an appearance of greater volume and density.


    - It takes care of the scalp.  - Hair with more volume.
    - More shine. - 250 ml format.
  • Viviscal Maximum Strength Supplements for Men

    Viviscal Accessories controls the fall of your hair helping to strengthen it from the roots.


    - Control of hair loss.  - Hair growth.
    - 60 tablets. - Natural ingredients.


  • Viviscal Maximum Strength Supplements for...

    Viviscal Women's Supplements Contains AminomarC, a protein component that treats hair from its growth.


    - It hydrates the hair.  - It accelerates growth.
    - More shine. - 250 ml format.
  • Viviscal Shampoo for Women

    Viviscal Densifier Shampoo for Women helps to obtain healthier and fuller hair, made with natural ingredients.


    - Hair with volume.  - Shampoo for daily use.
    - Hair growth.  - Hair with more shine.